Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well into first module

It is week 3 of the course and we are well into the first module. I have chosen to explore for both the first discussion activity and the first assignment an issue which I personally find very interesting. Namely, how to best offer support to faculty members who are using technology either to teach via distance or to supplement their on-campus offerings. Having the opportunity to search the library website for articles and resources makes life so much easier than in my undergrad days when you had to rifle through index cards and shelves! Having said that, there is so much to read on the internet that it is difficult to know when to stop. I am already, surprisingly, at the point of saturation regarding the issue since most of the articles I am finding are basically saying the same things about the issue and ways to address it. Now it is time to get the concept map started and begin framing the content of the literature read so far.


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